We are a mixed-signal system design company specialized in analog and mixed-signal IC design. Chain-IC offers services and support in the entire development process of an integrated circuit, ranging from specification and design to qualification and supply of tested chips. Thanks to years of experience and design creativity, we can investigate how system integration can improve your product and which new features can be added to increase the product value. Chain-IC wants to make system integration accessible for any electronic system, even when volumes are relatively low. After years of innovations, the silicon industry became mature and its eco-system well established.

Every Link Matters

The name Chain-IC comes from the fact that we want to cooperate with partners in our network to come to the optimal solutions. It would be incorrect to assume that Chain-IC, or anybody else, has all know-how in-house. Acknowledging this fact, we strive to make use of the specific knowledge of our partners. We consult with experts in a specific field, suppliers with specialized expertise, IP providers, Universities and of course our valued customer who has the application know-how. Without any doubt, confidentiality of information is always respected. Each partner plays an important role in the development chain, consequently "Every Link Matters". Together we can come to great innovations.

Company Core Values

The highest human value
Integrity is the most important value. Integrity means "being integrated", which means that you do what you say and where you wholeheartedly believe in.

The very unique human capacity
Innovations require creativity, one should think out-of-the-box to see opportunities. Every person is unique in its thinking, therefore everybody's viewpoint is valued.

Based on character and craftsmanship
It is our mutual responsibility to encourage every team member to grow in his or her craftsmanship and to take action on what needs to be done. When things might work out differently, then we rely on our integrity and creativity to find a solution.

We are looking forward to explain in more detail what drives us